Give St Privacy Policy

Effective: May 6, 2020


This Privacy Policy applies to the Give St app,, and to PubGeo, Inc., the maker of Give St.  It governs data collection and usage on Give St. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise noted, all references to PubGeo, Inc. and the “Service” include and the Give St app.


Our No-Nonsense Privacy Statement


In order to provide you with Give St, and as you use Give St, we must collect some data from you. Some of this data is personal information about you, like your name, which we collect from you upon registration. Some is user-submitted content, like offers of help and requests for help, collectively “Posts” or “Content” and the photos that you upload with Posts. Some is automatically collected, like information about the device you use to access Give St and your location while Posting. We collect this information in order to allow the Service to work.


Specifically, with regard to your personal information, you should know that you provide this information to us so that we can 1) communicate with you about the service, 2) comply with legal requests from government authorities when we are compelled to do so, 3) enforce our Terms of Use, and 4) identify you to other users on the Service in connection with the content you create. By registering with Give St, you give us your consent to collect your data for this purpose, and you agree that you’ve read this Privacy Policy.


However, in case it isn’t clear, other than when compelled to do so by legitimate legal authorities, the only information we share about you is the Content you yourself create using the Service.


In order to further clarify what data we collect, how we use your data and when we use it, we’ve put together this Privacy Policy that addresses important issues and the specific data we collect. Here it is, point by point.


*Please note that for each element of the data we collect, know in advance that any and all limitations on sharing data do not apply if we are compelled to share such data, or in cases where users Post illegal Content.


  1. 1.Phone and Email: Give St needs to be able to communicate with our users. Thus, we require your phone number and your email address. We never share this information with anyone.

  2. 2.Date of Birth: At registration, Give St asks for your date of birth so that we can verify that you are at least thirteen years old. We never share your date of birth with anyone anyone. We may, however, use this information to help us determine what content is likely relevant you, for example in the display of Posts near a geographic location.

  3. 3.Gender: At registration, Give St requires you to select a gender. We never show this to anyone. We may, however, use this information to help us determine what content is likely relevant to you when you search for Posts, and at times when adding content to your Feed.

  4. 4.First and Last Name: Give St requires your first and last name so that other users can find you so that when you see Posts you know who created them. We do not allow users to impersonate other people or companies or to masquerade as someone else, so your names are required and we will show them to other users.

  5. 5.Home Town: On registration, Give St asks for your home town (the city or town where you usually reside). You can leave it blank if you choose but together with your name it is useful in helping others find you and your Posts. We will show your home town to Give St  users if you provide it.

  6. 6.Profile Pictures:  Give St asks for a profile picture to help other users identify Posts that you create.  We will share your profile picture with other users if you provide one. Feel free to use the random helpful dog picture generated for you at registration if you so desire.  


  1. 7.Public Profile: On Give St, other users will be able to see some basic information about you so that they can find you and your Content on the Platform. All users will be able to see your profile when they search for other users and when they view your Content. Your public profile includes your First and Last Names, your Home Town, and your Profile picture. None of the other information we collect from you is ever displayed to other users.

  2. 8.Visibility of Posts: All Content you create on Give St is publicly viewable, except for the content of any Direct Messages you may create. However, even though Direct Messages are only available to the person to whom you send them, they could nonetheless possibly be further shared by that person, whether in Give St or other media.

  3. 9.Your Photos: When you Post you will probably want to include pictures and/or video. To do this you need to grant access to the Give St app so that it can access your camera and your camera roll. We will never access, transmit or share your photos other than when you choose to include them in a Post.

    When you include photos in a Post, Give St will access and process those photos to the extent necessary to ensure compliance with our Terms of Use and in some cases, including but not limited to helping us categorize photos so that they’re useful to others when searching in Give St.

  4. 10.You Control What You Post: Everything you put into a Post is your choice and your responsibility. Make sure everything you post is permitted by the Give St Community Rules.  Be aware that other Give St users can conceivably store the contents of your Posts, including photographs, and post that content onto other media. Although this activity is forbidden under our Terms of Use, Give St cannot prevent potential misuse of your Posts. Be careful, therefore, to never Post anything that would compromise your privacy or security. Please refer to the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines for more important information on what can and cannot be Posted.

    Please keep in mind that if you disclose personally identifiable information or personally sensitive data, via any Post or Comment, that information may conceivably collected and used by others, without your knowledge or that of Give St. You can’t reasonably expect us to be aware of that fact or be able to protect
    your Content when you specifically make it available in via Posts and Comments.

  5. 11.Identity of Users: In every case where Posts are used to help our partners and advertisers reach Give St users, we do not disclose the identity of the users to whom such ads are shown, provided, however, that if you choose to make your approximate current location available within the service (so that other users know when you are near), advertisers may surmise the identity of users to whom ads were or will be delivered.

  6. 12.Deleting Posts: On Give St, you can delete your Posts at any time. When you delete them we will no longer show them to other Give St users but we may retain them on our servers to ensure compliance with our Terms of Use, and to comply with legal requirements as applicable across jurisdictions around the world.

  7. 13.Your Location: Give St is very much about locations. Posts contain location information so that users can search for content that is relevant to a specific place. Give St will ask to access your location. We do this to make it easier for you to Post and to search. Other than the location information contained in your Posts, which is controlled by you, unless you enable showing your approximate current location (+/- approximately 1 kilometer), we will not share your actual location with anyone other than when we are required to do so by legitimate legal authorities.

    We may also collect your location when you search for content. We do this to make your Feed more relevant to where you are, or to filter your search results. Generally, if we use your location we’ll either give you options that control how we use it or we’ll only use it when you explicitly share it with us. For instance, when you search for something you can apply bounds to limit the search area. By implication, when you tell Give St to look for things near you, you are sending your current location to our servers.

    We also use some 3
    rd party services to get information about specific locations. When we use those services to do a search about a location, we may need to share your current location. However at no time is your identity or data shared with such 3rd parties. Be aware, however, that Give St cannot control whether the IP address, MAC address or other information specific to your device is stored by them.

  8. 14.Your Contacts: As a convenience to you, Give St can help you to find other Give St users in two ways:

    First, if you grant access to the contacts stored in your device, the Give St app has a feature that allows you to send a text message inviting your contact to join you on Give St. You must choose each contact and send a message to each individually. We will show you the message before you send it.

    Second, if you allow Give St to scan your contacts, we can show you which of your contacts is already a Give St member and help you connect with them via the Give St app. This action requires that Give St upload your contacts to the Give St server.

    In both cases, we will never share your contacts with anyone other than if required to do so by legitimate legal authorities.

  9. 15.Automatically Collected Information:  When you use the Give St app, be aware that we may collect information about your device. We do this to maintain the security of our service and enforce our Terms of Use. The information we collect can include the IP and MAC addresses you use to access our service, as well as the Device ID, supported resolutions and model of your device.

    When you visit we may collect your IP Address, or other information about the computer you use to access the site, or the site which referred you to Give St, and we may set cookies, which are small bits of information your computer sends back to us, in order to track how many people access our website.  

    You should also be aware that we may collect information about the content you interact with, how much time you spend with certain features of the app, and metadata about those interactions as part of analysis of the use of the service generally, including when the service is used and how many people are accessing particular content. Collectively, these activities are known as ‘Profiling’. We will only share such Profiled Data with our partners and advertisers on an anonymous basis.

  10. 16.Third Party Services:  You should be aware that we use 3rd party services, such as hosting providers, and that they may also collect information without our knowledge. We are not able to enforce restrictions on how they use the information they obtain, however we will only select such providers when we have a good faith reason to believe that they are subject to the same obligations to safeguard your privacy as we are.

  11. 17.Deleting Your Account: You may contact Give St at any time to request deletion of your account. Be aware however that Give St will only process deletion requests for accounts that currently contain no channels. Thus if you want your account to be deleted you must first delete your channels using the Give St app

    Even if you delete your account, we’ll keep your personal data for up to 30 days. We do this in order to ensure we can comply with law enforcement requests and other lawful requests by government agencies. The content you’ve submitted on the app may be kept for longer, although we won’t show that content or other information within the app after your account is deleted. To request deletion of your account send an email to accountservice@, from the email address in your profile. Follow the instructions in the automatic email reply to initiate deletion.

    One further note: We are bound by the physical limitations of the internet. Once something is transmitted on the internet, it can’t be “untransmitted.” What that means is that if you remove content, or your personal information from the app or the service, we can’t automatically make it disappear everywhere it was ever sent as part of its legitimate distribution on the service. When other users on the service check in with us for new content, we’ll delete it as you requested. However, if users are offline, we can’t remove it until they check with us. If they’ve made copies of content in violation of our Terms of Use, for example by taking screenshots or some other mechanism we can’t control, that content will likely never go away. An important part of using the internet is to be careful what you share in the first place, because you can never really take it back.

  12. 18.Links: The Give St app and may contain links to 3rd party websites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage our users to be aware when they follow external links and to read the privacy statements of any other site that collects personally identifiable information.

  13. 19.Security of your Personal Information: Give St takes all reasonable measures to secure your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. When personally identifiable information is transmitted, Give St encrypts that information using SSL, the Secure Sockets Layer protocol. The password you use to secure your account is hashed to prevent unauthorized retrieval. The personal information you provide us with on registration is encrypted at rest, meaning that only authorized members of our staff have access to it.

    We strive to take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access to or alteration of your personal information. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we try to protect your personal information, you acknowledge that: (a) there are security and privacy limitations inherent to the Internet which are beyond our control; and (b) security, integrity, and privacy of any and all information and data exchanged between you and us through the Service cannot be guaranteed

  14. 20.Children Under Thirteen and Minors: Give St does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of thirteen. It is a violation of our Terms of Service to register a user who is under the age of thirteen, or to register if you are under the age of thirteen. If you are under the age of majority, sixteen or eighteen depending on your jurisdiction, you must ask your parent or guardian for permission to use this app. By registering for the app you assert that you have your parents’ permission, or are of the age of majority. If we suspect that you are not thirteen, or receive information suggesting that you do not have your parents’ consent to use the app, we may discontinue your account.

  15. 21.External Data Storage Sites: We may store your data on servers provided by third party hosting vendors with whom we have contracted. This has an impact on the security of the data you share with us: by implication, we’ll be sharing that information with the services we’ve contracted with to store it. As we mentioned above, that information is encrypted at rest, meaning that full access to it is specifically limited to Give St, and even then only to specifically authorized members of our staff.

  16. 22.Changes to this Privacy Policy: Give St reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify you about significant changes in the way we treat personal information by sending a notice to the primary email address specified in your account or via text message if you registered using your mobile number, by sending you a notification through the app, and/or by updating any privacy information on this page. Your continued use of the App and/or Services available through or the app after such modifications will constitute your: (a) acknowledgment of the modified Privacy Policy; and (b) agreement to abide and be bound by that Policy.


  17. 23.Contact Information: Give St welcomes your questions or comments regarding this Statement of Privacy. If you believe that Give St has not adhered to this Statement, please contact Give St at:


Follow the instructions in the link that will be automatically sent in response to your email.