PubGeo Inc.
Community Guidelines

Effective: September 20, 2019


The PubGeo app is designed to help you connect with other people and help you explore your world. PubGeo is all about helping you share what you see and do in a way that helps other people enjoy their lives.

PubGeo is supposed to be fun, and we want to help you have fun using it. That being said, we’re also all about protecting you, and all our users, by making sure the app and the PubGeo remains a safe place for everyone. In order to help us accomplish that, we have some guidelines for you to read, and we ask that you abide by them at all times while using the app.

Failure to abide by these guidelines can result in deleted Posts, and the suspension or termination of your PubGeo account.

These Guidelines are in addition to but do not in any way limit the PubGeo Terms of Use. By using the PubGeo app, you agree to these community guidelines and the PubGeo Terms of Use.

1. No Sexually Explicit Content

We do not permit the distribution of pornographic content on PubGeo. Accounts that share pornographic content on the app will be suspended or terminated, in our sole discretion. Pornographic content will be removed whenever we find it. Without exception, PubGeo has absolute, sole and final discretion over the determination of whether content is acceptable on our platform.

In addition, non-sexual depictions of nudity, including breastfeeding and other nudity in non-sexual contexts are also not permitted on PubGeo. You should expect that we will automatically remove Posts containing nudity, including non-sexual nudity, or to remove the specific photos, or automatically prevent the Posts containing those photos from being made, depending on circumstances.

We do this primarily because it is the most practical way to do everything in our power to ensure PubGeo in no way becomes a forum that contributes to sexual exploitation, especially exploitation of children, nor to prostitution, trafficking, harassment of a sexual nature, and other illegal activities.

Take notice: Do not Post or otherwise share on PubGeo nude or suggestive photos involving any person under the age of 18, even of yourself. Nudity in general is prohibited on PubGeo, but the possession and distribution of explicit photos of minors are federal offenses in the United States. We make specific mention of that fact in order to state in no uncertain terms that we take child exploitation very seriously, and will report any suspected cases thereof to the appropriate authorities.

2. No Harassment nor Bullying

Bullying and harassment are prohibited on PubGeo. We consider both to be scourges on the well-being of all communities, and we recognize that they tend to affect online communities especially. Do not Post anything on PubGeo with the intention of stalking, humiliating or demeaning another person, even if that person isn’t a user of PubGeo. Don’t invade another person’s personal space when creating a Pub, don’t make Posts containing pictures of them in private settings, such as bathrooms or their homes, and don’t make Posts of them generally without their permission. You should delete any Post about a person, or the photos in a Post of a person, if they ask you to and you should never Post or threaten to Post personal information or intimate pictures of anyone.

3. No Threats of Violence & Harm

Do not threaten other users, or promote threats against people or groups who are not users, on PubGeo. For this purpose, threats against other people include threats against their person, property, family or friends, pets and reputation.  Promoting, encouraging and condoning violence are all prohibited activities on PubGeo.

Photos depicting violence, abuse, mutilation, self-harm, self-destruction, or suicide, or of animal cruelty, or Posts referring to or encouraging those activities, are explicitly prohibited.

In certain cases, Posts referring to historical or current and newsworthy incidents of violence, for the purpose of general education and awareness, may be permitted. In those cases, we ask that any depictions associated with those Posts avoid graphic and disturbing imagery. You can expect us to take action against Posts violating that request. We want PubGeo to be a place to share information on topics of public importance, but we also want it to be a safe place for everyone who uses it. These Posts will only ever be permissible on the grounds that they explicitly abhor the violence to which they refer; PubGeo does not condone violence of any kind, and it is only for the purpose of avoiding it wherever possible in the future that we make this provision.


4. No Impersonation & Spam

Do not impersonate anyone else on PubGeo. That includes celebrities, living or dead, your friends, family, or animals. Do not claim to represent any brand, organization, or government you do not have permission to represent. The purpose of PubGeo is to share information. Because falsely representing who you are specifically undermines that, you can expect us to ban you for it.

We consider spam, including posting third-party advertising, to be harassment of our users, and will take appropriate action. Do not reproduce, in whole or in part, banner ads, promotional advertising, bulk mailing, and other solicitation on PubGeo, without our permission and the permission of the promoted parties.

That said, personal endorsement or review of products, establishments and services on PubGeo is not considered a form of spam, and is encouraged. Generally, expressing your original opinion about something isn’t spam. We get to decide what’s spam and what isn’t, but so long as you don't publish deliberately false, misleading, sensitive or invasive content you should be ok.

5. No Hate Speech & False Information

In the spirit of prohibiting violence and harassment and of maintaining the safety of our users and people in general, we prohibit and condemn content that encourages discrimination against anyone on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, nationality, disability, or veteran status.

In the spirit of promoting the sharing of useful and true information, we prohibit the distribution of intentionally false information. This includes the spreading of ‘fake news’, ‘fake Posts’, and ‘fake Events’, which we define as intentionally false content intended to manipulate and deceive the public. It also includes the denial of historical tragedies, such as the Holocaust and other genocides. Repeated or egregious incidents will result in  deletion of Posts, account suspension or even termination.


6. No Illegal Content

Do not use PubGeo to break the law. Don't use it to buy or sell goods or services illegally, such as drugs or weapons. Don’t use it to coordinate illegal activity, such as to arrange meetings to buy or sell illegal goods and services, or to coordinate prostitution. Also, only use PubGeo to publish material that you have the right to distribute.


7. Never a Forum for Terrorism

Terrorist organizations are prohibited from using our platform and we have no tolerance for content that advocates or advances terrorism.

Terrorist organizations, and other paramilitary, revolutionary, or illegal organizations, and their members, are prohibited from using PubGeo, to conduct any activities, legal or illegal. The promotion of the messages of such organizations is similarly prohibited. Any person appearing on the US Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List is not allowed to use PubGeo, as are governments and official representatives of governments embargoed by the United States.

8. Contacting Us

If you believe that someone else is using your copyright or trademark protected material in a Post, you may report it to us in accordance with Section 7 of the PubGeo Terms of Use.

If you feel you have been the victim of harassment or bullying, discrimination, impersonation or threats of violence on PubGeo, please report that fact to us using the app, using the report button displayed on whichever Post or Comment is associated with the incident, or via email using the address below. We will take all practical steps to evaluate and take appropriate action, including  removing the relevant content, banning the user responsible or contacting the authorities if the situation warrants it.

For quickest response, use the reporting features of the app. Those features will automatically block content in certain circumstances.  Or email us at:

9. Violations

If you violate these Guidelines, we may remove the relevant content, suspend or  terminate your account or any accounts held by you by virtue of association, and/or notify law enforcement. If your account is terminated by us for any reason, you may not register a new account with PubGeo.

The purpose of PubGeo is to learn about the world and other people, to connect with them and to share what you experience. That being said, nothing here is meant to discourage you from Posting, so long as you try to keep to the sprit of these guidelines and our terms and conditions. Please do not set out to harm other users, or to harass them, or abuse them, or belittle them. Show other people the respect you would hope to get in return and you should be fine. You can expect to hear from us as a first step if we think what you’re doing is wrong, unless what you Post is especially flagrant. The action we take in any specific case is taken at our sole discretion, but our main goal in putting out these guidelines is to protect our users, you included, and in that aim we’ll always try to be reasonable and fair.